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Frequently asked questions

  • How to buy proxy on this website?
    To buy a proxy pack, you must register, replenish the balance and pay for your preferred proxy pack, which will be activated automatically.
  • What is a threads?
    A threads is the number of simultaneous connections to a proxy per second. For example, you need to register 100 accounts. With one registration procedure taking 15 seconds, threading them will take about 25 minutes (15x100 = 1500). If you choose to create 100 threads, it will take 15 seconds (all accounts will be registered simultaneously).
  • Which browser type do your proxies use?
    Our proxies use all types of browsers and all protocols: SOCKS4/SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS, simultaneously.
  • Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?
    You can buy multiple proxy pack per account. The number of proxy pack is unlimited.
  • What programs are your proxies compatible with?
    Our proxies are compatible with many popolar programs, such as ZennoPoster, A-Parser, Botovod, Inviter, XRumer, etc.
  • Can I use proxy for mail distribution?
    Yes, but only via web clients. The SMTP, IMAP port is not available for our proxy.
  • One and the same IP address appears in the proxy list, is that normal?
    Yes, it is, but it uses different ports. Every port stands for a particular output IP address.
  • Do your proxies use logs?
    No, they don’t, we use only privat proxies, and there are no logs. This makes them safe!
  • How long a timeout should I use?
    We recommend a 10-second timeout.
  • How often is your proxy list updated?
    The proxy list is updated every 5 minutes. About 3-5% of the list proxies changes every 15 minutes.
  • What is API and how should I use it?
    API link with description be available in user area after after purchase any proxy pack, with API you can filter proxy list by speed, countries, cities and etc. You can also to specify IP address, which you use to access proxy.
  • My proxy pack is suspended! What shall I do?
    Your access to the proxy is temporarily suspended due to exceeding active threads limit (a number of simultaneous connections to the proxy). The proxy pack suspension time is 1 hour. After that, your access to the proxy will be restored. We also recommend reducing the active threads number or buying a proxy pack with more threads.
  • Is it possible to restore my account before suspension time runs out?
    To restore your account sooner and activate the proxy again, you can extend your current proxy pack for any term or improve your proxy pack (buy more threads). If the number of threads exceeds the limit again, your account will be suspended again.
  • I use a dynamic IP address. What can I do about it?
    You can change your IP in your personal area regularly, and there are no IP-change number limits. Also, you can use an API link or our soft.
  • I have bought a 30-day tarif proxy and I have to leave for a week. Can I suspend the tarif?
    Unfortunately, tarif proxy cannot be suspended.
  • How often can I use the free proxy pack?
    The free proxy pack can be used only once. The number of test pack can be limited!
  • I have bought proxies, but they are not working. How can I fix that?
    After activating your proxy pack, you should specify your IP address in your personal area section "Control panel" and wait for 5 minutes. If the proxy do not work, contact our support service.
  • In what countries are your proxies available?
    You can view the list of countries and those online without registration on the "Proxy list" page.
  • How do I extend my proxy pack?
    To extend your current proxy pack, buy this proxy plan once again in section "upgrade", and the new term of service will be added to the current one.
  • Do you have an automatic renewal of the proxy pack?
    To automatically renew the proxy pack, you need to tick in section "profile", and this proxy pack will be automatically extended for the period for which it was previously purchased. The option works if you have enough funds in your account.
  • This tariff plan is not suitable for me. Can I switch to another one?
    Yes! After buying a tariff plan, you can change it for another one (with more proxies or threads). The sum will be corrected automatically based on your current subscription.
  • I need to use proxy servers of a particular country!
    Available countries are listed on the "Proxy list" page, which you can view without registering or buying a tariff plan. If you see the needed country in the list, choose it and filter your proxy servers.
  • I cannot enter my account. My password does not work!
    You can launch automatic password creation, and your new password will be emailed to you!
  • Do you provide proxy software to clients?
    We provide a handy software tool that helps our clients use proxy services conveniently. It enables you to connect to servers through a double-click (no need to enter proxy data in settings every time you need a connection), change servers after a set period of time, select a proxy by country, city, speed, etc. Also, you can conveniently save your proxy list as a file.
  • What guarantees do you provide?
    If you realize that your proxy does not suit you, you will get your money back at first 24 hours to ballance on web-site! If the proxy package is purchased for one day only, no refund possible.
  • My question is still unanswered!
    Ask your question to our employees using the ticket system.
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