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  • Internet safety – how to secure your computer from hacking

    In case you think only those who store corporate or any other important data on their hard drive should fear hacker attacks, we have to disillusion you. Internet safety is an urgent problem for ordinary users as well, especially when surfing the Internet is one of your favorite activities and you do not want your computer to be hacked. You can contract a Trojan in the most unanticipated places like downloading video or music, via email or social networks, launching a video game or even installing quite simple software. You can protect your computer from hacking in a variety of ways starting with usual antivirus software and firewall and finishing with installing a proxy server and Tor. It would be even better to combine different services and software.

  • Configuring Proxy Servers in Browsers

    It is becoming more and more difficult to stay unnoticed on the World Wide Web and to protect your sensitive data from leakage. You can install a proxy server to hide your computer’s IP address and use the Internet anonymously. This will allow you to perform indirect requests using any browser – Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, or Opera. Connecting to the remote server, you protect your PC from network attacks and optimize the data transfer processes. A proxy server operation principle is rather simple. It is a kind of gateway able to pass information in both directions. A user computer sends a request to a remote service, and after being processed, it is redirected to a requested resource.

  • Setup a proxy server on Windows and Linux

    Commercial organizations most often need to establish secure Internet access, but ordinary users often resort to this method as well. To ensure anonymity or secure your computer from malicious attacks, you have to know how to configure a proxy server on Windows or Linux. Our article is completely dedicated to this subject: we have prepared a simple and comprehensive instruction to help advanced users establish key connection parameters using the capabilities of an operating system and a browser.

  • Why you need anonymity on the Internet and how to organize it

    Every second, hundreds of thousands of users visit various websites, login to social networks and generally lead an active virtual life. In this connection, the question of anonymity on the Internet is becoming more and more relevant. Specifically, when users get online all of them leave certain data about themselves and their actions on the Internet due to an IP address (the individual number of each Internet computer) utilization. Consequently, lots of users manifest a legitimate desire to ensure their confidential data security and to weaken the control over their personal lives.

  • What is a proxy server?

    It is hard to imagine any modern company which does not utilize the World Wide Web. Many of them choose to use proxy servers to protect personal information. What is a proxy server and how does it affect the anonymity level, privacy, and work speed when using it?

  • 5 free proxy servers

    Probably, from time to time everyone needs to visit any interesting resource and to keep it in secret. Anonymity issues have always been actual and today such trend is noted too. The reasons, for which the user would not want to expose IP-address, can be very different. And under no circumstances you should think that only violators are interested in confidentiality, while viewing different resources. Many honest people also have a need in anonymous surfing in World Wide Web.

  • Charles Web Debugging Proxy

    Today a large variety of different software is a dime a dozen. IT-industry experts regularly engage n developing of new innovative products. Proxies are not an exception, the number of which is increasing every year. Specifically, in this article you can get acquainted with the Charles Web Debugging Proxy. The program is relatively new, but at the same time gaining popularity rapidly.

  • Anonymizer NoBlockMe

    Not everyone is aware about the existence of anonymizer NoBlockMe. Despite the fact that on the Internet you can find quite a great number of similar programs, they do not combine all the qualities that the user would like to see. This server is notable for maximum comfort. Therefore, it would be nice to become better acquainted with it, to explore the intricacies of its work. This is the only way to understand what causes NoBlockMe to become more and more popular.

  • Where the proxies come from

    Proxy is an ordinary computer program that runs on the devices that are connected to the Internet. At the same time, both an ordinary PC and the most powerful server that is located in the data center of a large-scale hosting company, can act as a computer. Such unpretentiousness is noted because the proxy can occur for different reasons. It does not make sense to scrutinize all possible options for the appearance of these programs. It is enough to get acquainted only with the most common among them. First of all, we need to understand the differences between white and black proxies.

  • How to download torrents anonymously using proxy

    It is a far cry from the days when itTorrent could be called a kind of safe haven that offered maximum reliability. Today the situation is completely different, and no one can be sure that their actions are not observed. That is, you can forget about any anonymity, as each user can be spied. Special services can track which materials the person views and downloads, analyze them for sparseness. If it turns out that not all operations performed by the user are legal, the user may even be prosecuted. That is why it is better to prevent the possibility of court action and take appropriate steps.

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