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  • 12 08 2020

    Added a new tariff plan for VIP clients. Personal account will be updated soon.

  • 19 07 2019

    New proxy plan VIP Pack! Tariff plan for the largest databases with maximum capabilities. The package includes up to 30,000 high-quality proxies and works with any services. The number of customers is limited!

  • 25 04 2018

    New option: "automatically renew the proxy pack". For this you need to tick in section "profile" or when you will buy, and this proxy pack will be automatically extended for the period for which it was purchased. The option works if you have enough funds in your account.

  • 13 02 2018

    The site is under DDoS attack. Now there are no problems on the service. We added 24 hours for all active clients to proxy pack for free!

  • 06 02 2018

    Accept payment by many cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others

  • 08 01 2018

    We have again good news for you, now after purchasing a proxy package within one hour you can upgrade your tariff without losing money! And also to associate several of your accounts (proxy subscriptions) into one, you can contact support service.

  • 31 12 2017

    Congratulationsto all our users with the coming New Year! In anticipation of this celebration, we made for you big update of our site! Now you can replenish the balance of many ways and after that making a purchase and now available buying multiple proxy packages in one account! And all the funniest waits us yet!

  • 06 12 2017

    Work is underway to update the personal cabinet, there may be minor interruptions associated with access. The work of the proxy is not affected in any way.

  • 09 11 2017

    The problem with the network in the OVH DC was solved! Users who have been affected by this problem are added 6 hours!

  • 09 11 2017

    Due to the interruption of work in the OVH DC, there are problems with the number of proxies! As soon as the problem in the DC is eliminated, all active clients who have problems with the number of proxies, we compensate for the simple, although the proble

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