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Proxies for Chrome

Proxies for Chrome

Most people wondering how to use a proxy server in Chrome need to bypass some regional restrictions. But more advanced Internet users know that the proxy for Chrome provides not only anonymity online, but also significantly expands the possibilities for SEO specialists. Therefore, anyone who wants to work on the Internet easily and safely prefers stable IP-addresses with round-the-clock support from the specialists of our company. In addition, the purchase and customize the proxy in Chrome can make SEO optimization more productive.

So, if there is a need to replace your real IP address, quickly and seamlessly get access to blocked resources, then you need to purchase and customize a proxy in Chrome. After that, you can effectively promote your groups or communities on social networks, place targeted ads, play your favorite online games or enter public chats without the risk of being blocked by the administration of any portal. Also, with the help of individual proxies for Chrome, specialists will be able to parse the issuance of search engines and the frequency of key queries automatically.

Why buy proxy servers if there is a proxy for Chrome extension

The thing is that the proxy extension for Chrome will not provide you with all the possibilities, as the individual proxy servers purchased from us will do, namely:

✔ Due to the possibility of parallel use of private proxies for Chrome, the difficult and painstaking process of collecting key queries and forming a semantic core will be greatly simplified for SEO specialists.

✔ Unlike free and all available proxies for Chrome (extension), individual proxy servers are thoroughly tested before selling them to our customers. This eliminates the possibility of the server being in the black list of search engines.

✔ Almost every SEO specialist uses special programs to search for the information he needs. But even with such modern tools, Google, or any other search engine, applies restrictions on the amount of data requested from a single IP address. This appears as systematic requests to enter the "captcha" or complete blocking of the IP address.

Our experts take into account the needs of clients and select the most suitable proxy servers for quick and convenient parsing using programs to create a semantic core of the site.

Why you should buy an individual proxy for Chrome from us

✔ Our experts select a private proxy server, taking into account the requirements of customers, including the location and the duration of the lease.

✔ Stable uninterruptable operation. All these parameters are monitored 24 hours a day by our experts, who will also help you set up a proxy in Chrome and will assist in case of technical problems.

✔ Data security and complete anonymity when working on the Internet. One proxy server is issued for one customer, and its management is carried out using a login and password, which only the client will know.

✔ Guaranteed integrity and quality of connections in the networks based on TCP / IP.

✔ We offer our clients to evaluate the work with our company through a free one-hour test of the proxy package.

How to use a proxy server in Chrome

Before you set up a proxy in Chrome, you need to know your real IP address through the services of free resources. This is necessary to make sure that the settings are correct, after which the remote server should not identify your real location. The second step will be clearing the cache and deleting the test files, better known to users as cookies. Otherwise, there is a risk that information about your location and real IP address will be transferred to third-party servers.

It is quite simple to customize proxy in Chrome. To do this you need:

✔ To go to the main settings menu and select the "Advanced" section.

✔ Click the "Proxy server settings" section.

✔ In the window that opens, click on the "Network Settings" button and tick the box next to the words "Use a proxy server for local connections."

✔ Enter the IP address and fill in the empty lines with the ports. When using the Chrome proxy for a specific protocol, you need to go to the "Advanced section" where you must enter the IP address and port in the empty fields labeled HTTPS, HTTP or SOCKS. At the same time, other fields must remain empty.

You can verify the correctness of your actions by identifying your personal IP address, which, after the proxy settings in Google Chrome, must be different from the original one.

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