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Socks 5 proxy for Telegram

Socks 5 proxy for Telegram

The management of the cross-platform messenger Telegram has provided its users with the ability to bypass the block through the use of SOCKS proxy. This method is available both for mobile devices, in this case, you just need to purchase a proxy for Telegram SOCKS-5 (for the phone), and for PC based on Windows and Linux OS of any version.

Proxy for "Telegram" SOCKS-5 redirects messenger network traffic via third-party foreign IP addresses. Thus, installing a proxy for Telegram SOCKS-5 on a computer or on a mobile phone is the only right decision for working with a popular messenger.

How to enable SOCKS-5 proxy in Telegram

The creators of SOCKS-5 developed it as a proxy server, but then it became clear that it can be used in completely different IT fields because the signal of this protocol is transmitted through the most optimal technology. That is why the use of SOCKS-5 proxy guarantees users a complete lack of disconnects and a stable connection.

You can change the standard connection to the proxy for Telegram SOCKS-5 in the messenger itself via the Advanced settings. To do this you need:

✔ Go to the section "Data and disk" in "Telegram".

✔ Go to "Use proxy".

✔ Select the connection type SOCKS-5 in the window that appeared.

✔ Enter port data and proxy server.

To bypass blocking in Telegram, it is better to use Swiss, American, English or German proxy addresses. The full list of proxies for Telegram SOCKS-5 can be found on our website.

Why you should purchase proxy SOCKS from us

You can buy proxy for Telegram SOCKS-5 of different countries from us, including:

✔ Brazil

✔ UK

✔ Germany

✔ the Netherlands

✔ Russia

✔ Ukraine and other countries of Europe and Asia.

By purchasing proxy SOCKS from us, you are ensured to get a high-quality and high-speed connection, as well as the maximum uptime of servers. Using our services, the client not only gets the proxy server he needs but also 24/7 technical support. Our experts will help you select and configure a proxy for Telegram SOCKS 5, as well as advise you on any technical issues. To ensure the quality of the services we provide, we offer our customers free one-hour testing of any proxy package.

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