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Proxies for Vkontakte

Proxies for Vkontakte

In order to effectively and quickly promote a group, profile, get free likes, subscribers and thereby promote your business you won't so without purchasing a proxy for VK. Only such an approach guarantees productive multi-threading work of any services or bots specializing on the promotion of public pages in social networks. In the shortest time possible, a proxy server for VKontakte will bring a desired result to the user. Within a few days of the joint work of the special program and proxy VK, you will see a rapid increase in subscribers.

What is the benefit of purchasing a proxy for VK

If you want to quickly and safely promote your business in social networks, then buying a proxy for VKontakte would be a great decision. The joint work of the proxy-host with the additional software will allow:

✔ To choose a specific category of users for your interests and invite them to your group in dozens or even hundreds.

✔ Using a proxy for VKontakte create several dozen accounts at once. At the same time, the system will detect them as accounts of different IP addresses.

✔ To add friends in large numbers.

✔ Set a filter that will select users for you according to the certain parameters (age group, gender, etc.).

✔ Chat with several dozens of users at once, using just one dialog box.

✔ Thanks to the proxy for VK, you can set up a quick automatic sending of invitations to the group or to any event.

As in other social networks, the administration of VKontakte closely monitors its users. Therefore, the slightest suspicion of dishonest business, that is, getting "hearts" or promotion of the selling community, will inevitably lead to a lifetime deprivation of user rights. To avoid this, you need to buy a proxy for VK.

Proxy-servers VK - a high quality of services and confidentiality

Strict confidentiality is one of the main requirements of our company. We issue one proxy-host per customer. In addition, to use it, you need a login and password that only the buyer will know. Therefore, the use of the purchased from us proxy for VK by several users is completely excluded. For the clients to evaluate the quality of our service, we offer free one-hour testing of the proxy package.

We recommend next tariff plans


Cancel proxy Attention! This tariff plan is non-refundable! With the purchase of this package, a refund is not possible, but you can exchange it within the first hour without losing money, with a large number of proxies and / or threads. This tariff plan you can exchange at any time to another, with a large number of proxies and / or threads. Automatic renewal of the subscription will be available only with sufficient amount of money on the balance. Automatic renewal of proxy pack
Proxy Pack
Ultimate Pack
72 $
10% 15%
Luxury Pack
90 $
10% 15%
Evolution Pack
136 $
10% 15%
Absolute Pack
180 $
10% 15%
VIP Pack
300 $
10% 15%
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