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Proxies for PS4 (PSN)

Proxies for PS4 (PSN)

As you already know, the recent blocking led to the fact that the correct use of the PlayStation 4 in the CIS countries has simply become impossible. Only proxy servers for PS4, which you can purchase through our service, help to resume stable work of PSN.

Proxies for Sony game consoles have become an indispensable thing today because with their help you cannot only get access to your favorite games before their release in the CIS countries but also use international resources and content through the built-in PlayStation browser.

Also, the proxy server for PS4 will allow owners of game consoles to bypass the blocking of Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media in relation to the PlayStation Network.

Which proxy server is better to use for PS4

As everyone knows, there are paid and free proxy servers for PS4. For the use of paid intermediate servers you must pay a monthly fee, but in return, the user is guaranteed to receive a stable and high-speed connection, which allows you to download any games quickly and easily.

Free proxy servers for PS4 cannot boast the above listed options. Using free intermediate servers, you can only get unhindered access to the Internet and check the license. Free proxy servers simply do not have enough connection speed for full-fledged work, since almost all of them have closed ports.

How to connect PS4 through a proxy server

An expert setting of proxy on the PS4 will allow users of game consoles to access the world's resources freely. To configure the PS4 proxy server properly you need to adhere to the following sequence:

✔ Find or buy a proxy server for PS4.

✔ Next, you need to go to the game console settings.

✔ Then, go to the "Network" section, where you need to select the "Establishing an Internet Connection" subsection.

✔ Select the "Special" subsection in the "Internet connection type" entry.

✔ Select the automatic setting of the IP address in the next window.

✔ Next, in the "Proxy Server" window, you must select the entry "Use".

✔ In the window that opens, you will see empty fields in which you need to enter the IP address and port obtained when purchasing a proxy server for PS4.

As you can see, one can set up a proxy on the PS4 in just a couple of minutes. But if you want to avoid problems with connection speed in the future, we recommend combining your game console with a router. This can be done with a LAN cable.

Why you should purchase proxy for PS4 from us

Our service has been specializing in the sale of anonymous, individual and effective proxy servers for many years. Also among the benefits of cooperation with our company, many customers mention:

✔ High-speed operation and stability of all proxy servers purchased from us.

✔ The most reasonable prices at the market of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols proxy servers.

✔ Automation of the purchase process of the proxy servers, which are instantly displayed in the user account after the payment.

✔ Our personal proxy servers can be used for work with any services, social networks, and web sites.

✔ Technical support is available 24 hours a day.

To make sure that our proxy servers for PS4 will work smoothly, quickly and efficiently, we offer our customers free one-hour testing.

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