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5 free proxy servers

Probably, from time to time everyone needs to visit any interesting resource and to keep it in secret. Anonymity issues have always been actual and today such trend is noted too. The reasons, for which the user would not want to expose IP-address, can be very different. And under no circumstances you should think that only violators are interested in confidentiality, while viewing different resources. Many honest people also have a need in anonymous surfing in World Wide Web.

Proxy servers offer such an opportunity. All these programs can be divided into two large categories – free and paid proxies. Of course, much more effective are those versions, for which you have to pay a certain amount of money. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to spend the finances for such purposes. Therefore, free options are the only way out of a situation for such clients. In fact, many of them give quite good opportunities. It would be nice to explore five proxies, which are the best of the free programs.


Perhaps one of the most reliable proxy. Maximum anonymity is guaranteed due to the fact that all information goes quite a long way before getting to the client or server. That is, we are not talking about a specific proxy, but about the whole complex. Even the most experienced hackers are unlikely to find a method by they could determine the IP-address of the computer.

There is no need to install this software. You should simply run the proxy and wait until the connection is established. As for disadvantages, it should be noted that sometimes the speed of data loading is significantly slowed down. But anyway, if the user decided to provide a reliable protection, Tor is turn out to be a good option.


Another service that you can acquire and install on a completely free basis. Through this software complex, a person gets the opportunity to attend numerous resources through the proxy. First of all, the relatively fast download of pages should be noted. HideMyAss is an excellent solution for those users who often use the Internet services in various public places. All basic features are completely free and in order to comfortably carry out the necessary actions they do nicely.


An interesting offer for those who likes the simplicity and brevity in everything. Here websites are not overloaded by the excessive amount of data, some complex graphics. That is, the developers decided to make proxy the most clear for inexperienced users. In order to start working, you only need to enter the address of the needed page in a particular field.

Zend 2

The popularity of social networks is so great nowadays that people simply cannot imagine their lives without such resources. Unfortunately, sometimes the access to these websites is denied in the offices. This is not a problem, since using Zend 2 it is possible to bypass all prohibitions and fully enjoy all the features.


If the user is looking for something as simple and uncomplicated as possible, it is possible opt for this proxy. There is not a lot of settings here. But, at the same time TryCatchMe cannot be called somehow inadequate and incapable of performing the functions of the user’s interest. The server will maintain anonymity, and the client will be able to visit any resources.

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