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What proxy server is capable of?

Recently there has been a tendency to the fact that more and more users in matters of security prefer proxies. But not everyone understands what opportunities such servers have, why, in fact, they are so commonly in use. Among the major advantages the following can be emphasized:

- Internet surfing, complying with the almost complete anonymity;

- significant acceleration of work in the internet;

- the opportunity to visit those resources where the administration denied the access for the user;

- enter the chats even if the person has been blocked there.

Basically, these are the main features of modern proxies. Probably it would be nice to get to know them in more detail.

What allows to speed up the connection with the World Wide Web

There are two main reasons for this improvement. The first is that the server is in close proximity to the user. That is why, if the work with foreign resources is planned, it is better to use Russian versions. But in case if the user works with Russian resources, it would be reasonable to use the proxies that are in the city where the user lives. Such servers have high speed data communication in the Internet. In addition, sufficiently powerful communication channel is noted.

The second factor that has a positive effect on the speed of operation is data caching. This process is similar to normal caching that is performed in the browser. But it offers much greater efficiency. First of all, the positive results observed due to the fact that the proxy cache size is measured in gigabytes. What is meant here is the maximum large volumes. This cache is used not by one person, but a few of them at the same time. As soon one of the users downloads new information on the network, the proxy immediately saves it. Thus, if there is a necessity in the same data, they will be maximally transmitted, since they already are in the server memory. The benefits of using proxies are quite clear.

How anonymity is provided

Once a person visits certain web-site, the computer instantly sends a request for downloading content – text information, videos, images and so on. At this point, the personal IP-address, which is unique, is also transmitted to the server. Knowing this address, third parties can run a virus, use any private information to connect to a computer.

In order to prevent such troubles, it is necessary to install modern security systems, for example Firewall. But this method is not exactly fully effective, because any program can be hacked, especially if the user was not able to set it up properly. Alternatively, anonymous proxy servers are used as an additional protection. Now even if violators want to take advantage of confidential information, they will not be able to do so. This is because the personal IP-address will be replaced by a proxy. Accordingly, when a third party tries to enter into user’s system, it will get to the proxy server, where the level of protection is more efficient.

How to visit the locked website

This problem can be solved simply enough. Since after a proxy installation the exchange of information is carried out directly between the user and the server, you have to simply perform the correct settings. That is, to ensure that the browser is properly working with the proxy server. Although, to be fair, it should be noted that this method does not always prove effective, but you still can spend a little time in the hope of a positive result.

Which other amenities does proxy server offer

All opportunities come down to the fact that the proxy is used as an intermediate link between the global network and the user. As a result, the server is able to filter viewed pages; eliminate unwanted advertising; in some way to change the place where the computer is located. And most important, the companies actively work in this direction, constantly finding new opportunities for modern proxy servers.

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