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What influences the operational speed of proxy

How often have you visited proxy avoidances searching for tools to skirt the admins’ bans on visiting social networks websites and entertainment portals? Probably, numerous times. For sure you have also faced a situation in which the proxy server in Firefox or any other popular browser works very badly – pictures simply can not be opened, flash videos barf and require player replacement, and most laconic website structure slips in one column because the stylesheets do not have time to load in proper time.

This is due to the fact that almost every free proxy server is originally created as an advertising platform for those who require an access to banned websites. That is, providers separate a part of the existing facilities, create a graphical client part (proxy avoidances), and in various ways attract the attention of interested users. It is clear that their number in will significantly increase in the near future, and then the download speed starts to drop. In other words, the first factor affecting the speed of access is the number of users.

Not quite the same thing can be observed when a proxy server program is used. As the name implies, this program is a distribution, where in a convenient interface the access to any materials of the Internet network is carried out through a remote proxy server of a provider. In this case, the speed can drop due to the fact that any application a priori requires separation of a part of the production capacity of the microprocessor and RW memory, which sometimes leads to the “freezing” of both a program itself and the entire system.

Именно в этом состоят основные недостатки бесплатных прокси – они не могут обеспечить стабильную связь и высокую скорость загрузки сайтов и прочих ресурсов Интернет.

Об иных минусах мы в обязательном порядке поговорим в других статьях!

These are the main disadvantages of free proxies – they can not provide a stable connection and high download speed of websites and other Internet resources.

In other articles, we will necessarily talk about other disadvantages!

And to mitigate these disadvantages and enjoy fast access though the stable channel, it is better to buy packet proxies. At least packet ones, because they (unlike the elite ones) are also used by several users, but their number is often limited to 4 or 5 people. Competent providers at the same time monitor the activity of each user and periodically perform rearrangement between packets in order to reduce the likelihood of speed drop.

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