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Where to get stable proxies?

Quite often on different resource users request to be given such a proxy, the validity period of which would be the most long-term. They explain this desire by the fact that they have already had bitter experience. That is, several times these people have installed the proxies, but they worked for only a few days. Thus, they again had to spend time and apply efforts for the search. A lot of people are ready to spend considerable amounts of money, but only for a really decent level of quality.

Stable proxies – what are they like

Basically, the search of proxy is not such a serious problem, as it may seem at first glance. But it is quite a different story when you need to find particularly stable version, which would satisfy you by its effective work for the longest possible period of time. Good proxies are those that have successfully operated a week, a month or even a year ago. Thus, we can make a sort of conclusion that they are present in the list of relatively old and no longer modern servers. Therefore, it is quite possible that if you perform a trivial check of a proxy for functional capability, the result would be positive.

Where, after all, to find stable proxies

Probably a lot of people have figured out, what is the utility of the proxies that have accumulated over the months or a year. Thus, in order to find a stable server, you need to take the relatively outdated list, which is, for example, 3-4 weeks old. Next, you have to carry out a thorough check on its functional capability, and it turns out that the users anyway achieve their goal and finds a stable proxy.

Now it would be nice to understand this all in more detail. Take at least old enough proxy list. On the one hand, it contains the minimum number of servers, but at the same time those scarce proxies that are in this list will be very stable. Although, if the list is too old, then it may not contain working options at all.

During the checking, it is possible to understand which proxies are functional. That is, in such case we can talk about stability, since the server has been functioning not only a month or a year ago, but it does its job at the current moment as well. In order to find a good proxy relatively easy, you must first make a search for several server lists. Further, all these options are combined into one list and stay untouched for about a few weeks.

It is necessary to understand a kind of trend. It consists in the fact that the longer the servers are left alone, the less of working proxies there will be. But those that remain, will be stable. That is, in order to obtain certain guarantees, you just need to wait as long as possible. It is safe to say that these servers will operate for at least the period for which they were left alone previously. Basically, it is not even necessary to spend time and energy for the search of proxy lists. Such information is nowadays being merchandised by many resources on the Internet and is accessible for every user.

Subtle aspects

As the phrase goes, there is always a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. Free proxy servers undoubtedly attract the attention of the users. It is not surprising: why spend money on something you can get for free. However, it shall be understood that after a certain time such proxies will certainly cease to function. Some of them will work for a few days, some will last for a year or two, but in the end, they will certainly “die.” Although we should not be surprised, because the concept of stability and long service life are inextricably linked to the high level of quality. Thus, no one would develop really good proxies and to give them for free. Such servers can operate for a long enough time, but with interruptions. They Stop to work at all for some time, and after a few days or weeks perform their duties again. Often there is a significant slowdown in their work.

And, finally, it is quite difficult to find fast and stable servers at the same time, but even if you managed to find a good proxy, you should treat it carefully. The more information passes through it; the sooner it ceases to function.

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