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Advantages and disadvantages of Russian proxy servers

When choosing a high-quality proxy, Russia is not considered by the overwhelming majority of users as a standard of reliability and stability. Rather, on the contrary, domestic providers, including those providing proxy servers services, are treated doubtingly.

However, free proxy services based in Russia are enviably popular, since their response time is somewhat less than that of foreign ones – users never like to wait. However, here also you have to choose between quality communication and an abundance of ads on the website, and between less clogged websites of those services that operate in a slipshod manner...

Even more difficult is a choice of inexpensive option, since paid proxies in Russia are far from always as reliable as the foreign ones. At the same time, they have certain advantages over these same “bourgeois” servers. There are several reasons for this:

1) Firstly, in most cases, prices for services are set in rubles, and their amount is almost independent of the exchange rate fluctuations. Some may argue that the service providers buy equipment in foreign currency, and therefore want to get as much money as is enough to cover the costs of exchange rate differences. But in doing so, providers cause the problems to themselves, because they are domestic, and no one wants to pay more than it’s worth. Those proxy providers who increase the price very slowly, and in small “portions”, act more reasonably.

2) Secondly, Russian providers have the opportunity to create mirror proxy avoidance for the most popular websites, especially those that are blocked at the state level. Though there is always a risk that sooner or later the government will require to permanently close all the “loopholes”, however currently these risks are purely theoretical.

3) Finally, there is an undisputed fact that domestic providers are developing, and all the myths about their unreliability are already outdated. They are written in very early days of the development of the Russian Internet, and therefore they are obsolete.

Nevertheless, before buying a Russian proxy, it is important to read feedback and make your own opinion on candidates for the title of the main service provider.

And even better – trust the professionals and order a good proxy avoidance for a small price right on our website!

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