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Are German proxy servers so perfect?

“German quality”, so they say when they want to emphasize the high, almost perfect quality of any product or service. This phrase can often be heard in a conversation (or rather read in a forum, a blog, etc.) about German proxy servers, and the speaker will be very close to the truth. About 95%. The remainder will still be present, and in today’s article we will look at what are the hidden pitfalls when working with German providers.

For a start let us note, that the advantages of the proxy server which is geographically located in Germany, are as follows:

- they are located in large data centers where there are optimal conditions for the operation of server hardware – microclimate, technical and service;

- they fall under the jurisdiction of the German legislation, which is quite loyal in terms of anonymous surfing, as well it is as loyal to websites’ content;

- German proxies are based on the most modern equipment, and its quality is monitored at the input (i.e., at the stage of commissioning).

Practice shows that far from every provider performs a thorough check of equipment before changing of the proxy server settings or carry out an upgrade, and often condones occurred defects. In case of German proxy avoidances and proxy servers it is simply impossible, due to which they have a high uptime – continuous work time.

However, like all other services, the German ones have their conventional disadvantages. In particular, in a limited number of countries there are bans of access to the proxy in Germany, that is why they can not be used as a hub. However, this disadvantage can be considered statistically unimportant, because basically worldwide there are no such restrictions.

In general, for all its apparent ease, configuration of a proxy server is not the easiest task, and most problems arise precisely because of mistakes made at this stage.

Именно поэтому, прежде чем купить приватные прокси SOCKS5 с отметкой «Made in Germany», стоит в обязательном порядке уточнить наличие русскоязычной (или на всякий случай – англоязычной) службы поддержки. Как правило, такая поддержка осуществляется в круглосуточном режиме.

That is why, before you buy private proxy SOCKS5 marked “Made in Germany”, it is necessarily to specify the availability of Russian-language (or just in case – English-language) support. Typically, such support is provided around the clock.

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