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  • When do you need an anonymous proxy for work

    More and more users are beginning to realize how important modern proxy servers are for them. If just a few years ago people did not pay so much attention to the issues of anonymity in the Internet, today a completely different trend is observed. In fact, there is nothing surprising in this. Everyone has certain secrets and wishes some operations to remain in secret from third parties. And everyone has the right to privacy, especially when it comes to the various tasks performed on the World Wide Web.

  • How to change IP-address using the Proxy Switcher?

    Proxy Switcher is famous in the surfing community. But, despite this, even in the Internet there is not enough information about it. So people who could have used the program for certain purposes, simply do not know it exists. As a matter of fact, those who have already used Proxy Switcher, are well aware of how useful it is. Thus, it would be nice to find out as more as possible about the cases in which the software can be useful. First of all, this information product will attract interest of those who work in the buxes and is quite often interested in changing IP-address. With the features of Proxy Switcher the user can change the address with little effort. That is, just a few mouse clicks are enough, and the task will be performed.

  • How proxy can be useful for gamers

    Online games become more and more popular. It is a perfect way to relax, to spend an enthralling time, to move to another virtual world for several minutes or hours. At the same time, online versions do not make the user to download applications, to install them in their PC. Everything is very easy – it is enough just to enter the proper resource, to sign up and you can start playing. It is not a secret that many users even make money in such a way, and quite good money. A perfect way to improve your financial status, to discover something new, is a proxy server.

  • Why do you need American proxies

    Nowadays there is a great prevalence of American proxy servers. This fact is quite understandable, taking into account the opportunities that the software from the United States provides. Those who have not got acquainted with the functions of such proxies yet, for sure, would like to know what advantages they have. Using of American version gives opportunity to carry out such manipulations:

  • The causes of the problems with free proxies

    Probably, the simple fact, that there is no such thing as a free lunch, should not be explained. Even if something is given away, then, most likely, one can hardly reckon upon an excellent level of quality. This also applies to proxies, because users often complain that their free versions refuse to function properly. If some problems appeared, it is necessary to find a way by which they would be resolved. Of course, special skills and knowledge are required for that.

  • How legal are the proxies in the Russian Federation

    Issues related to confidentiality have always been a priority for all kinds of Russian special services. It is no surprise that the issues about how legal is the use of anonymizers, have been repeatedly raised. The first debates on this subject began in 2012, and until now those who share the idea of using the respective servers, and their opponents, constantly intervene in disputes. First of all, people want to know whether it makes sense to forbid proxies, or at least to provide some restrictions on their use.

  • Proxy server in Russia: to pay or to use free versions

    It is a far cry of the days when in order to get some software you had to necessarily spend some amount of money. Nowadays, numerous free proxy servers are offered as alternative options. Such versions are developed in almost all countries - United States of America, China, Germany, France, Japan. No exception is Russia, where free proxies can be found more and more often. There is a stereotype that what is given for free, by definition cannot be of high quality. Some people think so, but there are others whose opinion is a little different. In order to understand who reasons correctly, it would be nice to get acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of free and paid versions of proxy servers.

  • Usergate Proxy Firewall

    Good software is usually not cheap. Thus, by no means all of the users, who wish, can afford the acquisition and purchase of certain servers. However, there are alternative options, such as Firewall. It is characterized by both convenience and affordability. Firewall, which is necessarily embedded in this software, guarantees secure Internet access. Firewall is able to exercise control from the outside, and it is engaged in traffic control process. Such software in professional circles is called a kind of internet gateway, which is provided exclusively for corporate clients. Such proxy server has already proved to be a reliable and stable. Nowadays in Russia it has found quite wide use becomes more and more widespread.

  • Socks proxy

    Nowadays quite a lot of information transfer protocols are known. Some of them lose their relevance with time, but there are those which, on the contrary, are becoming more and more common. Perhaps, Socks proxy can safely be called one of the most advanced ones. In order to create a truly competitive protocol, a number of changes had to be implemented, a great volume of work had to be done, but all these efforts were not in vain. Currently, two versions are usually used – fifth and sixth. Such servers present a kind of translator, where users are located between two levels in the network – transport and applied. That is, they are actually not attached to the protocols belonging to a high level. The basic idea of creation of Socks protocol consisted in that that the processes that operate on the base of TCP or UDP, would be available for use by the resources to which the access has been limited by the relevant applications.

  • HTTP and HTTPS proxies

    Currently, there are quite a lot of proxies. It is not necessary to know all of them in order to ensure safe and efficient operation. You can get acquainted with the most popular ones.

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